Enjoy the Joy of Royalty!

AUTHOR: Lisa Perna

Hi Beautiful Kingdom Family!
It’s so exciting to be a part of this awesome crew. I’m so happy and honored that I get to share a small part of my journey with all of you.

I asked God what I should talk to you about and in an instant, I heard in my spirit JOY. Did you know that you can let each and every day become filled with the overwhelming JOY of God? Its a choice you can make and it’s easy when you know what to do.

First take off those robes of sadness, condemnation, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, and unforgiveness. They don’t fit you any longer. You have new clothes to wear as a child of the King of Kings. Try putting on His robe of righteousness, wholeness, acceptance, worthiness, love, compassion, and most importantly joy!

Go about your day singing out loudly that you were once weak and now you’ve been made strong! You were once alone and now you have been adopted! You were once lost and now you are found! That alone should bring a smile to your face.

Start to dance and smile knowing that you’re recognized as His beloved child. Twirl around and know Your Father has His eyes on you. The delight in God’s heart is immeasurable as He watches you move fully free throughout your day.

So many days we can forget how truly blessed we are. In life get so caught up in the worries of the world that we forget that we don’t have to live by the rules in this world. You can operate in the ways of His Kingdom. Cast down your troubles and rejoice in His promises. He loves you! You are His! You belong to the King of the Most High! So be joyful you are royalty!