The Royal Life of Prayer

AUTHOR: Jacqueline Carrero

The Royal Life of Prayer can sometimes be like sending a message in the bottle. Privately written and openly answered.


Be encouraged in knowing that HE heard your prayers even before you uttered a word.

The beauty of communication with our Creator.

Praying with expectancy and a joyful heart.

An assurance deep inside your spirit knowing that Papa heard your prayers.

He hears us when we call.

He says:
“I love it when you visit with Me in our secret place. We enjoy each other’s company as we carry out our day. And take rest. I’ve gone before you and prepare the starting of your day, filling it with love, joy and peace like the dawning of a New Day.”

Privately you’ve prayed the will of God and openly He gives you the desires of your heart.

Praying without ceasing for me simply means never stop speaking to God.

These carefully selected photos are an example of my life of prayer and His response to me.