How Does God Speak?

AUTHOR: Jennifer Lescano

Ever since I was a little girl, I heard the voice of God. I gave my heart to the Lord at age 9.

I clearly remember one time when I sat in my bed and was going to give a certain amount of money to the Lord and a tug on my heart to give my whole $5.

That year after I did that, my loving Aunt who lived in Florida sent me for the first and last time a birthday card with a $20 bill. It was a big thing for me.

Through the years I still heard him. But I didn’t really know I was hearing him, if that makes sense.

I knew he was answering me when I asked for guidance. I knew I was obeying (through major struggles of fear.) He’d give me dreams and urges to speak to people and lay hands, but I just thought I was doing what he said. I don’t know when it actually clicked that it was prophecy. Or maybe I knew it? I don’t know.

All I know is that living and not hearing God or being afraid that we’re not hearing God isn’t a life at all.

I heard a man on the radio the other day describing a moment of seeing a bird by the ocean. The way he described it to me was as if there was a message in it for him and he captured the moment, but I wasn’t so sure he captured the message.

I really believe that God is always speaking.

And an abundant life is all about hearing and enjoying the love language between our Father and us.

God doesn’t speak through everything, but He can speak through anything.

And it’s an exciting time when our ears and eyes and all of our senses are tuned into him.

How does God speak? Here are a few ways he speaks to me:

To my heart.
An inner knowing.
Through peace.
Through random thoughts or memories.
Through songs.
Highlighted statements from people as their talking.
Highlighted commercials.
My husband.
My children (even when they don’t know it.)

God is fun.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.”

I speak over your ears and senses and say to them, “Open up.”

Take the time to ask God to speak to you and pay attention.

If it produces fear and torment, it’s not him.

But if it’s grounded in love for you and others, it’s him.

One of the ways my ears were trained (and I’m still growing) was when someone came to mind and I called or prayed for them. Then learn they needed it. Sometimes I didn’t and I’d hear about them later. It wasn’t to condemn me and make me feel guilty. It was to teach me. Like he was saying, “You see. That was me.” These are little steps that help us grow.

Hearing God isn’t an event. It’s life. Like always talking to each other like we do with those who live with us.

“Holy Spirit, help me find my shoes. Where are they?”

“Remind me to call _____.”

“What aisle is the garlic jar?”

What is he saying to you today? What is he saying right now?