What Makes You a Beautiful Person?

AUTHOR: Patrice London

Years ago, I was to write 5 things in my journal that I loved about myself. I could only think of 2. I was frustrated and baffled. I sat for a long while and just couldn’t think of anything to write.

Fast forward a good 16-17 years, I came across a post from a friend. She asked people to write 10 things that make them a beautiful person. I challenged myself to do it and am pleased to present my completed list! And guess what? I can think of more!!!! Whoo Hoo!! Now, I decided to go really simple and not go all ” woo woo, pretend spiritual” about it.

See, I think we can sometimes be a bit self-deprecating, in Jesus’ name, no less. We repeat things that are sometimes, actually in the Bible, but not necessarily God’s sentiment towards us. I want to encourage you to know that God created you, on purpose, idiosyncrasies and all, because He wanted YOU. He didn’t want a clone of His son Jesus. He didn’t say, “Man… That son of mine is so spectacular, I want more, exactly like him! I’ll give them all free will, but the moment they slip up and do something different, I’m chuckin’ ’em to hell!” I made God sound real country, right? (Not sure why…)

Anyway, He has Jesus. He wanted and wants you, dear heart. He wants you in all your entirety. All that you come with, all that you are, He sees as beautiful and loves you beyond measure. How do you see yourself? It’s very important. It will impact how you live your life and how you experience life.

Share your list below. What are 10 things that make you a beautiful person?

As I said, I thought of more, but here are my first 10:

  1. My personality.
  2. My love.
  3. My smile.
  4. My laughter/humor.
  5. My compassion.
  6. My boundaries.
  7. My generosity.
  8. My singing.
  9. My writing.
  10. My pain.

Sending you love today and always!