We have God’s DNA

AUTHOR: Juan Comesana

In recent years the new fad has been to take a DNA test and find our ancestral origins. Yet, as we see here in this verse, just as a child is birthed out of his mother, in the natural, we (all of humanity) who are spirit where birthed out of God.

Today, let’s meditate and speak with Holy Spirit on how we can stay connected to the (Living Word) Logos… What does it mean to be birthed from God’s logic. How does our perception of our self and others change when we grab hold of our true birth origin.

John 1:3 Mirror translation:

Our Incarnate Identity

AUTHOR: Juan Comesana

Today, we meditate on John 6:51, Mirror translation.

What did Jesus mean when He said that our true incarnate identity is mirrored in Him and discovered in the ages incarnate in us?

How do we experience this?

Who is incarnate in us?

What is our true (incarnate) identity?

Juan Comesana

Standing Face to Face

AUTHOR: Juan Comesana

John 6:50 Mirror Bible
This, what you have here in me standing face to face with you, is the very sustenance of your life; the bread descending out of the heavenly sphere for everyone to eat their fill and not die.

(Reread, seeing yourself front and center in the crowd locking eyes with Jesus as He speaks.)
Here are some questions for us to ponder on, and speak with Holy Spirit, as we meditate on this verse:

Who is in Jesus?
How can we be face to Face?
How can we feed on Him as our Life source?

I also want to encourage us to connect with Him, spirit to Spirit (John 4:24) each and every time we partake of communion.

Seated in Heavenly Places

AUTHOR: Juan Comesana

Ephesians 2:6
…and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,

Ephesians 2:6 is not a someday, but rather a now reality! Today, I want to encourage all of us, myself included to live out of this reality. Let’s sit down with Holy Spirit and ask Him to teach us experientially, as we meditate on this verse.