See Yourself as Royalty

In thinking about which aspect of the This Royal Life to share today, a song continued to echo in my spirit! (see link below)

Some songs, with their messages, are Timeless. I consider this to be one of those songs.

To think of ourselves as Royalty sometimes seems too far fetched.
But the truth is, we are part of an Upside Down Kingdom, with a unique privilege to bring change to our society and our culture daily and for generations to come.

Our King doesn’t structure His Kingdom the way that others might; but has invited us to be a part of what He is doing.

What captures me is thinking of hearing the footsteps of my King, beckoning me to come close, to draw near to Him, to learn more about Him and His Love.
We are citizens of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken; a Kingdom that draws those in darkness to an incredible Light.

Knowing that one is Royalty brings unique privileges and responsibilities.
Our Father has us here on Planet Earth at this exact time on purpose.
It’s no accident that you are here to complement and to complete the Body of Christ on earth, at this time.

If you have not yet seen yourself as Royalty, I invite you to listen to and read the words of this song. I pray that you embrace what is being said to the point that you get excited!

I bless you to see yourself as your Father sees you.