Love Them with His Heart

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

To me, this scripture is the answer to a lot of unanswered questions during these times that can seem to be somewhat confusing.

Remember we have talked about what does it look like if someone says they love you?
What do you expect from them?
And then, what do you expect from God who loves you unceasingly, with a never ending love?
But what about what He expects from us when we say that we love Him?
Or when we say that we love each other?
How about those we don’t agree with?
Or How about those who have the responsibility for a whole county, city, state or nation that might be making choices we don’t like or agree with? (and that is a real struggle for me at times; we continue to hold each other accountable for our words, more than ever. Am I Blessing or Cursing with my responses?)

God is helping Roger and me during this time, to really understand what He is asking of us as Believers; as members of the Body of Christ, as part of a Royal Kingdom and Priesthood.

We are finally learning to see how to love with His Heart during times and circumstances that are so uncomfortable and inconvenient, to say the least.

What a broader view He has of His Kingdom than we do!!
What a bigger heart to love the unlovable!
Our hearts are broken right now over all of the seeming calamity over our nation.
For many that we minister to are caught up in this spiritual chaotic atmosphere.
What can we offer them to bring them peace?
Can we put aside our personal opinions, so that we can walk with each other through this season in love; understanding that many are in fear like never before or maybe they just have a different view than ours?
Can I still love them and hear them like I want them to love me and hear me?

My prayer is that I/we can really learn to live and walk as Nobility.
Much Love to you!

What Does God’s Love Mean To You?

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

Hello Friends!

To follow up from my last post, What does it mean if someone says that they love you; I wanted to continue on that train of thought.

I have actually been thinking about this very thing: What does it actually mean to me to know that GOD LOVES ME????

Especially on my very worst days, when I’m not feeling very Christ-like?
Does it mean that He’s gonna put me in Time Out and maybe punish me a little bit, because I wasn’t as “good “ as I thought I should be or because I was mean to someone or hurt someone’s feelings?
Or does it mean that His Sweet Spirit is going to invade every part of me until I feel so fully loved that all I can think of is His Mercy and how He’s teaching me to be merciful?

What do I expect from Him?

How do I expect my every day life to be different, all because I know that He loves me?
I don’t really expect Him to come to my rescue in every single thing.
But guess what?

And He does it in ways that I would not even think of…
…which tells me that I have not nearly begun to understand the depth of His Love and the way that He Loves.

I don’t know about you right now; but I have not lived through a time of life before that has felt more uncertain, especially regarding the future.

But can I be brave and continue to live and love just as though everything was “normal” and stable?
I love pondering these thoughts with my Papa! It’s like an ongoing mental and spiritual adventure, to know that His Love is everlasting, regardless of the situations that I have found myself in.

For me, knowing that He loves me means that He is there for me in ways that I could never even imagine, big and little. And that He is teaching me daily how to live like Royalty; like a citizen of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken to the degree that it will fail, ever.

This Kingdom, to which we belong, is one of such powerful Love that we can always know that our King is intricately involved in every detail of our lives, every single day, and the He still chooses to love us, eternally.
What is your expectation of a King who loves like this?

What does it mean if someone says I love you?

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

Some years ago, well many years ago, the Lord asked me this question.
What does it mean if someone tells me that they love me?
What are my expectations?
What are my responses?

This is one of those things that I think on often and that I talk about with groups of friends when I feel God prompting me.

We know the Biblical love as in 1 Corinthians 13; but I mean, really in every day life… if someone says to you, “I love you”, what is your first response? What is my expectation if I really do believe that someone loves me; if I really believe that they mean what they say?

Do I expect them to be there for me, no matter what, with no judgement?
Do I believe they will still love me when I fail them or disappoint them?
Or what about when they misunderstand me or my intentions?
Do I believe they will still say they love me when I am at my worst? And mean it?

Is my response one of thankfulness for being loved and gratitude for hearing the words?
Or do I inwardly have another dialogue going? You know, the one that says, sure, but I don’t really believe that you mean that? Especially right now!

Sometimes when we’re told that we’re loved and believe it, we might take advantage of that person’s love.
Sometimes we might wait to see if they really mean it; we may not act like someone who feels secure and loved.

Do we ever really get to that place that we know that we are secure in each other’s love, with no false expectations?

I love knowing that in This Royal Life, I am loved eternally, with no false expectations, no judgment, no chance of being discarded or thrown away because of a mistake.

I believe when someone says that they love me, it means that I can love them too; safely and securely.
I am free to love you fully.

Because He first loved me, I can love Him fully.
And I am free to love myself.
I am free to discover ALL that he designed me to be when I was created, when He breathed His Life into my spirit!
And so are you…

Robin Fields

Jesus Prayed for Us

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

John 17:21-23
Jesus prayed for us.
He prayed that we would be joined together as one, just as He and The Father are one.
He prayed for us to become one with Him; with Them.
He prayed that the very glory that God had given Him, be given to us so that as we are joined together as one, we would and will experience the same joy the He enjoys with Father God.
He now lives fully in us so that we experience perfect unity!

In seeing our love for Him and for one another, the world will be convinced that He was sent by God.
In the Passion Translation footnotes on verses 23, it is stated that the Aramaic is “shrink into one.” When we see Jesus in one another, our vaulted opinions of ourselves will shrink. We begin to value others more highly.

In this, His Glory is revealed and shared among us, I believe.

I’m sharing pictures of a beautiful Gardenia bush that is planted by my back door. I’m always fascinated by the beauty and fragrance of these delicate flowers.

I think this plant is more precious to me because we once thought that it was dying. It appeared to be withering and brown. But we pruned it all the way back and slowly it began to live again.

I’m always excited when this plant begins to flower. It’s such a sign of redemption to me. I was thinking how glorious to see the different stages of this beautiful flowering plant. Some flowers are spent already, with their browning petals. Others are wide open, releasing such a gorgeous aroma. And still others are just budding, awaiting their time to bloom.

And so it is with us as Believers, as One. We are all one, in different stages, but of the same plant; joined together in this Glorious Relationship with the Holy Trinity and with each other.

Currently, we’re not able to gather together to enjoy each other as fully as before, but we can know that we are still One in Christ and that we can still experience the fullness of Joy that he prayed for us to enjoy. As we continue to connect in limited ways in the natural, we still release a fragrance that is unique to Christ. It’s a fragrance that draws others to want to discover the Source.

See Yourself as Royalty

In thinking about which aspect of the This Royal Life to share today, a song continued to echo in my spirit! (see link below)

Some songs, with their messages, are Timeless. I consider this to be one of those songs.

To think of ourselves as Royalty sometimes seems too far fetched.
But the truth is, we are part of an Upside Down Kingdom, with a unique privilege to bring change to our society and our culture daily and for generations to come.

Our King doesn’t structure His Kingdom the way that others might; but has invited us to be a part of what He is doing.

What captures me is thinking of hearing the footsteps of my King, beckoning me to come close, to draw near to Him, to learn more about Him and His Love.
We are citizens of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken; a Kingdom that draws those in darkness to an incredible Light.

Knowing that one is Royalty brings unique privileges and responsibilities.
Our Father has us here on Planet Earth at this exact time on purpose.
It’s no accident that you are here to complement and to complete the Body of Christ on earth, at this time.

If you have not yet seen yourself as Royalty, I invite you to listen to and read the words of this song. I pray that you embrace what is being said to the point that you get excited!

I bless you to see yourself as your Father sees you.


AUTHOR: Robin Fields

I am honored to share my thoughts today on This Royal Life and just one of the many aspects of what it means to live a Royal Life. The picture above was given to us by a long time dear friend and it hangs in our living room as a daily reminder of what Abundance really means.

There has been a lot of talk about Fear lately. But our Loving Heavenly Father does not want us to live in fear, EVER.

The scripture says that Perfect Love casts out all Fear, meaning that Love never brings Fear.
I see this on both sides of the coin, so to speak.
On one side, there is the one who Loves Perfectly, with no intent of punishment or harm.
On the other side, is the one who is receiving this Perfect Love.
As the Passion translation states in 1 John 4, “Whoever walks constantly afraid of punishment, has not reached love’s perfection.”

“Love’s Perfection drives the fear of punishment far from our hearts.”

It may be hard for some to see God’s Hand at work during this season through which we have never lived before. But we can always be assured that He is the King of Kings and knows ALL that is going on, everywhere. That brings me so much comfort, that I cannot really entertain or embrace any kind of fear of the future, regardless of how much information I read or how many vids I watch. I continue to be awed and amazed at how He chooses to unfold His Magnificent Plan.

In this Season, I’ve been so encouraged by Jesus’s Words in Luke 12:32.
“ So don’t ever be afraid dearest friends! Your Loving Father joyously gives you His Kingdom Realm with all it’s promises!” TPT

As citizens of His Kingdom, we get to walk in Courage and Boldness, displaying His Goodness and Light.
“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of rules about food and drink, but is in the realm of the Holy Spirit, filled with righteousness, peace and joy.” Romans 14:17 TPT

Blessing you with Abundant Life and Love,