The ABC’s of God

AUTHOR: Michael-Janelle

“I know the truth about You, God, because You have made it obvious to me. For ever since I was born, I have seen Your creation. Through everything You made, I can clearly see Your invisible qualities – Your eternal power and divine nature. So I have no excuse for not knowing You.” (Romans 1:19-20)

Today I am challenging you all to a fun task. The concept is to say a character trait/attribute of God for each letter of the alphabet. You can start off your paper or digital note with “I thank You and I praise You, God, for You are…” and starting listing one word each from A to Z. If You want to take this challenge a step further, search for Scriptures that go with each word.

If you need a little boost, think about what You already know about God or think about the things You need Him to be for you right now. Adding Scripture will enhance your time together with Him.

There are many ways you can continue with this after today: you can highlight only one letter a day and write down as many words for that letter as you can think of. You can keep one collaborative paper and add to the list one extra word each day. Or you can start over fresh everyday purposefully choosing new words each time.

Please feel free to share with us in the comments below your ABC’s of God.

– Janelle