The Master Gardener

AUTHOR: Frances Zambardino

That He Is!

During this time of Quarantine, I’ve begun a new journey of learning how to garden. Boy, this is work! I looked at the large yard I have and thought to myself, “Something has got to grow here.”

I began to research stuff starting at Genesis to Google. 😄

Genesis 1:11 God said ” Let The Earth Put Forth Vegetation: plants yielding seed & Fruit Trees Yielding Fruit Who Seed Is In Itself, Each According To Its Kind, Upon The Earth.”

So, I went Outside and spoke these same words over the land. I just added, “My Daddy said …”
Thru the days & Weeks that followed, I continued asking “What are we planting? How do I work this land?” etc.
Then the plants came rolling in after that! All from moms who had too many of this & that and I accepted all that was coming with open arms!

Do I know what I’m doing? Not at all. But The Master Gardener Will Teach Me.

How does this relate to The Royal Life We Are Choosing To Live?
King eats the very best so should his kids.
I’m sure there’s so much more to explore so stay tuned for more!