What does it mean if someone says I love you?

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

Some years ago, well many years ago, the Lord asked me this question.
What does it mean if someone tells me that they love me?
What are my expectations?
What are my responses?

This is one of those things that I think on often and that I talk about with groups of friends when I feel God prompting me.

We know the Biblical love as in 1 Corinthians 13; but I mean, really in every day life… if someone says to you, “I love you”, what is your first response? What is my expectation if I really do believe that someone loves me; if I really believe that they mean what they say?

Do I expect them to be there for me, no matter what, with no judgement?
Do I believe they will still love me when I fail them or disappoint them?
Or what about when they misunderstand me or my intentions?
Do I believe they will still say they love me when I am at my worst? And mean it?

Is my response one of thankfulness for being loved and gratitude for hearing the words?
Or do I inwardly have another dialogue going? You know, the one that says, sure, but I don’t really believe that you mean that? Especially right now!

Sometimes when we’re told that we’re loved and believe it, we might take advantage of that person’s love.
Sometimes we might wait to see if they really mean it; we may not act like someone who feels secure and loved.

Do we ever really get to that place that we know that we are secure in each other’s love, with no false expectations?

I love knowing that in This Royal Life, I am loved eternally, with no false expectations, no judgment, no chance of being discarded or thrown away because of a mistake.

I believe when someone says that they love me, it means that I can love them too; safely and securely.
I am free to love you fully.

Because He first loved me, I can love Him fully.
And I am free to love myself.
I am free to discover ALL that he designed me to be when I was created, when He breathed His Life into my spirit!
And so are you…

Robin Fields