What Does God’s Love Mean To You?

AUTHOR: Robin Fields

Hello Friends!

To follow up from my last post, What does it mean if someone says that they love you; I wanted to continue on that train of thought.

I have actually been thinking about this very thing: What does it actually mean to me to know that GOD LOVES ME????

Especially on my very worst days, when I’m not feeling very Christ-like?
Does it mean that He’s gonna put me in Time Out and maybe punish me a little bit, because I wasn’t as “good “ as I thought I should be or because I was mean to someone or hurt someone’s feelings?
Or does it mean that His Sweet Spirit is going to invade every part of me until I feel so fully loved that all I can think of is His Mercy and how He’s teaching me to be merciful?

What do I expect from Him?

How do I expect my every day life to be different, all because I know that He loves me?
I don’t really expect Him to come to my rescue in every single thing.
But guess what?

And He does it in ways that I would not even think of…
…which tells me that I have not nearly begun to understand the depth of His Love and the way that He Loves.

I don’t know about you right now; but I have not lived through a time of life before that has felt more uncertain, especially regarding the future.

But can I be brave and continue to live and love just as though everything was “normal” and stable?
I love pondering these thoughts with my Papa! It’s like an ongoing mental and spiritual adventure, to know that His Love is everlasting, regardless of the situations that I have found myself in.

For me, knowing that He loves me means that He is there for me in ways that I could never even imagine, big and little. And that He is teaching me daily how to live like Royalty; like a citizen of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken to the degree that it will fail, ever.

This Kingdom, to which we belong, is one of such powerful Love that we can always know that our King is intricately involved in every detail of our lives, every single day, and the He still chooses to love us, eternally.
What is your expectation of a King who loves like this?