We are the gateway to the heart of Jesus

AUTHOR: Gary Fishman

I have been looking at snippets in the Song of Solomon which is a love story between King Solomon and his bride the Shulamite woman, which on a greater level paints a picture of the love relationship we have with Jesus as the Heavenly Bridegroom.

In Song of Solomon 6:1 the friends of the bride approach her to question her:
Where has your beloved gone,
most beautiful of women?
Which way did your beloved turn,
that we may look for him with you?

Her friends had seen the passion and deep love of the bride for the King and they now seek to find him too. When people see the fire in your heart, and the depth of desire and joy you walk in, as Romans 11:14 states you will provoke others to jealousy.

The greatest form of evangelism is to allow others to see and experience Jesus through you. You are Heavens portal. Its wonderful to present Jesus to people with words but a heart overflowing with peace, desire, excitement and radical devotion will cause others to feel a spark inside of them.

Don’t just point people to Heaven’s door but instead you become Heaven’s door, the gateway to the heart of Jesus the Bridegroom.