Pause in His Presence

AUTHOR: Michael-Janelle

“I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the One I love…” (Psalms‬ ‭62:5‬)

I love the way The Passion Translation translates the word “selah” as “pause in His presence.”

I have a difficult time prioritizing Selah in my day. But it is so necessary. So important for living an abundant royal life. Selah moments allow us to hear from God clearly. They give Him the opportunity to speak to us without distraction. Just like the sounds in our current background, God is present and speaking; sometimes we are just too busy to hear it.

Rest. Stay. Abide. Be Still. Calm. Peace. Breathe. Refresh. Tranquil. Stop. Pause. Listen.

Often in times of pausing, God gives us a revelation that transforms our perspective, bringing us closer to Him. Selah positions us to hear His voice and be in His presence.

As someone who combats regularly with anxiety, I am seeing how integral it is to incorporate Selah into my daily living.

In the Selah moment is when we hear the breath and the heartbeat of Heaven.

Recently a good friend told me about a free app called “Pause” based on the book “Get Your Life Back” by John Eldredge. So I downloaded it. The next day I find an email from ChurchSource also promoting the app and included links to videos to watch as well. This app invites you into the simple practice of releasing everything to God.

If you are interested in downloading the app, here is the iOS link:
And the Android link:
Here are 7 daily “pause” practices:
Here are the 6 session study videos:

How do you pause in His presence? How do you cultivate Selah moments throughout the day? How do you find rest for you soul? Let’s share with each other.