Waking Up to Love

AUTHOR: Patrice London

Good morning! First thing’s first, please help me wish Russ Painter a very Happy Birthday today!! Russ has been a very integral part of helping me get to a point where I am able to accept unconditional love from our Heavenly Father as he is one of several men I now know personally, who truly live and love this way.

With getting a firm grasp on God’s love, God is now teaching me to accept love in other areas of my life, namely, my marriage.

Some things happen in layers. For some, when a decent or reasonable father figure isn’t present in their lives, they have trouble relating to a Heavenly Father that they can’t see or touch, all while having this space, that only our Heavenly Father can fill.

Living the royal life is being able to accept unconditional love where it exists and being able to give it as well.
I have a pretty good handle on giving it, but have had many issues accepting it.

Early this year, someone dear to me prophesied that this would be the year I would begin to see how very much I am loved and by whom. It is happening left and right, and in several different relationships. I wrote about one relationship in a blog post a few days ago and wanted to share my experience with you.

The surprises have continued pouring in, even after the surprises I wrote about in my blog post. Just this past Sunday, I got a surprise visit from cousins from Maryland and California. We had a lovely time together.
I am focusing on opening my heart to accept love more and pray you do the same in your life.

Here’s the blog post I mentioned…
Waking Up to Love