Knowing you are a Royal

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

The Lord showed me a vision a while back that is so perfect for the Royal Life.

I walked into what appeared to be the banquet hall in a castle. The tables were arranged in a U-Shape with guests on each side and Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit were sitting at the head of the table. As I stepped into the room, a servant came up to me and told me that there was two seats left: one at the very back and one right next to Holy Spirit and that I can choose where I belong. I picked the seat in the very back. Once I sat down, I did not look at the head table for I was afraid and scared. I simply sat there staring down at my empty plate.

Just then I heard the booming voice of the Father calling me: “Tom! Tom! What are you doing sitting way back there? Don’t you know you are my son and you belong at the head table with us? Come, come!”

Reluctantly and scared, I got up and started walking to the head table with my head looking down at the floor the entire way. I felt the hand of the Father touch my shoulder to lead me to my seat at the head of the table. I sat down and my eyes were fixed on the plate. My shoulders were drooped and I didn’t think I belonged there.

Then Father God spoke, this time so softly and loving to me: “My dear son Tom. Why are you so afraid? You belong here. I love you. Lift up your face and look at the people.”

As I did, I could see all of the people with such huge smiles on their faces and they shined with love. I felt a total peace about me of love and acceptance.

Then Father God spoke again: “You now know WHO you are. I want you to go around life walking and talking as if you have the Holy Spirit swagger!!!”

So I want to encourage each of you to know that you also are a child of God and belong at His table. You too should keep your chin up and a glow of love on your face. You too should walk around with a Holy Ghost swagger!!! God Bless.