Be a Hero

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

I believe that right now, more than ever people are looking for a hero.

Someone they can look up to and see strength and victory in their lives.

Someone who they want to be like.

We are called to be that light, not hidden away in a church. But out in the world for everyone to see.
People are looking at you and me and how we act and how we react.

We were all wanderers in our previous lives, wandering through the world trying to find our place or where we felt loved. But we never could find it, just always seemed out of our reach. Until He called us into the Royal Life. And for the first time we could feel real love, not the fake imitation of the world.

We started to shine. How much we shine depends fully on how much we earnestly seek Him and desire to have a relationship with Him.

All else will fall into place – it’s just His way to shower us with gifts of love.

So the choice is now up to you. Do you want to shine and be that hero for someone who is watching you? Could be a coworker. Could be a friend. Could be your children or your spouse.

It’s time that we as the church….shine.

Who is Your Lord?

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

Almost all of us would answer the question: “Who is your Lord?” with “Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!”

But what lord do you listen to during times of anxiety, sickness, major family issues, job loss, etc?

I know that I am guilty in many of those circumstances to still say “Jesus is my Lord, “ but I am listening to another “lord.” No, I don’t mean that we are out there listening to the devil, though sometimes we open up ourselves for those attacks from the enemy. But WHO am I listening to? The doctor? Is HE my lord? Anxiety? Is THAT my lord?

So lets talk about the blind man named Bartimaeus. There he was sitting on the side of the road begging as most blind people of the time had to do…they depended upon others generosity for survival. You could almost imagine him sitting by the side of the road, holding out a cup…asking, “Alms for a blind man? Alms for a poor beggar like me?” He would be wearing a cloak that would be drab and tattered. He would be dirty. I am sure he stunk pretty badly. He was shunned and I am sure lived in constant shame.

But – God. God sent Jesus to walk down that road that day.

As Jesus walked by, Bartimaeus shouted out, “Jesus, Son of David – have mercy on me!” That’s when the “crowd” turned on him. What was in their thoughts to shout at Bartimaeus, “Be QUIET!!!” and rebuked him.
Now many who live marginalized and in shame would simply fade into the nothingness when confronted by the people as he was…but the same spirit that told him that Jesus was the “Son of David” – meaning, he already knew Jesus was the promised Messiah – rose up inside of him to yell even LOUDER, “Son of David have mercy on me!”
He didn’t listen to the “lord” of society telling him to shut up. He made it past all of the shame and always being a bother, always be someone that was inconvenient…he pushed past all of that for his healing. The people didn’t matter and what they thought – only Jesus mattered.

Jesus heard him and called for him to come over. Oh, how the crowd then turned to welcome this blind, stinky beggar….”Come, Come!” they said. “He’s calling you!” (reminds be of some people on Facebook)
And then it happened. The moment where poor blind, stinky, dirty Bartimaeus stepped into the Royal Life.
He threw his cloak aside and walked toward Jesus. He basically shed that identity that defined his life. He cast it off and was showing the world who he really was. Not a beggar. Not dirty and shabby. Not an outcast. But one who believed that Jesus was the Son of God, promised through the prophets – and that he WOULD be healed!

[I was inspired with this story as part of Andrew Wommack’s ministry teachings on healing.]

Knowing you are a Royal

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

The Lord showed me a vision a while back that is so perfect for the Royal Life.

I walked into what appeared to be the banquet hall in a castle. The tables were arranged in a U-Shape with guests on each side and Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit were sitting at the head of the table. As I stepped into the room, a servant came up to me and told me that there was two seats left: one at the very back and one right next to Holy Spirit and that I can choose where I belong. I picked the seat in the very back. Once I sat down, I did not look at the head table for I was afraid and scared. I simply sat there staring down at my empty plate.

Just then I heard the booming voice of the Father calling me: “Tom! Tom! What are you doing sitting way back there? Don’t you know you are my son and you belong at the head table with us? Come, come!”

Reluctantly and scared, I got up and started walking to the head table with my head looking down at the floor the entire way. I felt the hand of the Father touch my shoulder to lead me to my seat at the head of the table. I sat down and my eyes were fixed on the plate. My shoulders were drooped and I didn’t think I belonged there.

Then Father God spoke, this time so softly and loving to me: “My dear son Tom. Why are you so afraid? You belong here. I love you. Lift up your face and look at the people.”

As I did, I could see all of the people with such huge smiles on their faces and they shined with love. I felt a total peace about me of love and acceptance.

Then Father God spoke again: “You now know WHO you are. I want you to go around life walking and talking as if you have the Holy Spirit swagger!!!”

So I want to encourage each of you to know that you also are a child of God and belong at His table. You too should keep your chin up and a glow of love on your face. You too should walk around with a Holy Ghost swagger!!! God Bless.

God Speaks Through Nature

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

God has been speaking to me through nature more and more. As I choose to understand who I really am in Him, what lessons He reveals to me increases. Here is one such walk with my King…I wanted to embed the photo with each Word of Revelation.