Be a Hero

AUTHOR: Tom Kissell

I believe that right now, more than ever people are looking for a hero.

Someone they can look up to and see strength and victory in their lives.

Someone who they want to be like.

We are called to be that light, not hidden away in a church. But out in the world for everyone to see.
People are looking at you and me and how we act and how we react.

We were all wanderers in our previous lives, wandering through the world trying to find our place or where we felt loved. But we never could find it, just always seemed out of our reach. Until He called us into the Royal Life. And for the first time we could feel real love, not the fake imitation of the world.

We started to shine. How much we shine depends fully on how much we earnestly seek Him and desire to have a relationship with Him.

All else will fall into place – it’s just His way to shower us with gifts of love.

So the choice is now up to you. Do you want to shine and be that hero for someone who is watching you? Could be a coworker. Could be a friend. Could be your children or your spouse.

It’s time that we as the church….shine.