A Mother’s Mantle

AUTHOR: Frances Zambardino

We really can explore this topic of mantle in many levels and please feel free to snatch it for another post as this does pertain to Our Royal Life We Are Choosing To Live Out.
But today, please allow me to honor Mothers 
We tend to forget we even have one.

When You See Kings & Queens wearing a mantle, it symbolizes Royalty, Authority, Power, Covering, Magnificence and more!
Above are some pics of what a mantle looks like.
Imagine, if you will, your spiritual mantle now as I continue.
Is it a garment of Love? Is it one that you will pass down with impartations? Imparting of what ? Ask yourself.
Papa has given us moms the authority to make decisions over lives , our kids, my child. He actually trust me with this ! He trusts you! Don’t take this lightly.
Psalm 127:3 says “Behold (mom) children are a heritage from the Lord. The Fruit of YOUR womb”
Mothers are portals between Heaven & earth.

Mothers, Wear Your Mantle of Honor & Courage Like These Queens & Lion. Remove any cloaks of depression or fear of any sort And Remember ,You Really Are Part of Royalty.